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Mountain Swoops
Nature Rides
  Our prime location for nature rides is the famous Oschinensee - a beautiful lake in the middle of the mountains.
photo by Mike Kleist    
You will be dropped over the rocky walls high enough for some action.  
    photo by Mike Kleist
  You can go tracking and make a real "flight-in" into this beautiful lake side.
photo by Mike Kleist    
Once under canopy you can enjoy a breathtaking ride along the cliffs...  
    photo by Mike Kleist
  ...and over the deep blue Oschinensee.
photo by Mike Kleist    
And if you dare you can skim the water for a real swoop on this natural lake or you can just land with dry feet on the beach.  
    photo by Mark Harris


You've got Google Earth? Check out our rides with our placemarks.
If not, you can and should download Google Earth here.
It's free...and awesome.