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Mountain Swoops
Glacier Landings
  First part of the adventure is a scenic flight in our Pilatus Porter over the breathtaking scenery of the Swiss Alps. Taking off in Reichenbach we will be flying about 20-30 minutes to our destination.
photo by Mike Kleist    
Then you will be dropped in 16.000 ft (4800m) above sealevel but only a couple of thousand feet over the glacier.  
    photo by Mark Harris
  You will be flying in 15000 ft (4500m) under your parachute. It will be cold but you will not notice it, because you will be overwhelmed by the view and the experience to fly your parachute over the alps.
photo by Mark Harris    
After the canopy ride you will be going for your highest landing ever! You will be aiming for a soft touchdown in 11.800 ft (3.600m) above sealevel. You will be landing in a field of untouched snow.  
    photo by Mike Kleist
  Like you the specially equipped Porter will glide in for a landing on the snow. It will be a unique experience to see our top glacier pilots performing this maneuver. They will be landing uphill - turning the airplane - and taking off downhill after the pickup. Then you will be heading for your next adventure.
photo by Mike Kleist    


photos by Mike Kleist