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Mountain Swoops
Google Earth

Google Earth is a really nice toy. "Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips."
You can and should download Google Earth here. It's free...and awesome.

As a special service we give you our placemarks of the Mountain Swoop locations. You can even perform an animated swoop run! The detail level of Switzerland is quite poor, but it is still a fascinating experience.

And here is how it works:
1. Download both files (start and swooprun) of each location. (Google .kmz fileformat)
2. Open the files so they are listed in your "My Places" folder.
3. Click on the "start" location and wait for the setup.
4. Click on the "swooprun" location and watch a slow animated run.


Download (rightclick "save target as"):


Download (rightclick "save target as"):


Download (rightclick "save target as"):

  Google Earth offers another juicy little feature: Overlay images. Download the files including the image taken in freefall over the specific locations. Adjust the transparancy with the blue slider in the middle of the far right (left to right)  

Mike Kleist over Reichenbach Dropzone posing for a model shooting. More pictures of the shooting here

Photo by Stefan Klaus


Mike Kleist on a tandem skydive over Interlaken.

Photo by Stefan Klaus

  Gran Canaria    

Olav Zipser over Gran Canaria relaxing on his 17999 skydive. More skydiving pictures of Gran Canaria here

Photo by Mike Kleist